In the kitchen

In the kitchen very practical and aesthetic solution is to place the printed glass wall between the counter top and wall cabinets or between the hob and extractor hood. There is no problem to drill holes for electric sockets. Due to the fact that the glass is toughened it can be used near to hotplates or gas cookers, where they are exposed to thermal shocks. 

Nowadays is not enough to have standard kitchen furniture, an island in the middle or the best household appliances. That's what creates this climate, the atmosphere and beauty, everything that surrounds the kitchen and that is part of it. Today it is fashionable to have glass panels on the wall in the kitchen. 

Glass in the kitchen means diversity, novelty and timelessness. That's what will be on the glass, it is an individual matter for each of our clients. Therefore, we encourage our customers to select any pictures or images. On special request of our customers, we can create individual  graphics or personalize existing graphic.


Decide on a glass panels in the kitchen, create your own kitchen, a true oasis of peace, novelty and this unique climate, which the kitchen today can create. Bet on the prints on the glass in the kitchen and enjoy this beauty, charm and unique climate.

Highest standard of quality and care assured!



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