In the bathroom

Glass panels on the wall or the bath will give the room a modern and unique character. Graphics on the glass in the shower is a very interesting alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. In order to gain the desired dream effect and the real landscape in the bathroom. 

 You can create your own  true paradise, which is located just behind closed doors.

Wouldn't it be nice to lie in the bath looking at the beautiful views, huge green trees, flying birds, colourful flowers or fruits?  Wouldn't it be nice to go to a place, where there are graphics on the glass in the bathroom, it would present a real landscape, such a tropical islands? Everyone certainly would find that place full of peace, tranquillity and relaxation, which we are still striving for will never want to get out.

Unique images and paintings on glass, can present everything that you can dream about.  It's an individual thing whether there will be a large bamboo tree, colourful, large flowers or the view of the sunset. Such prints on the glass can be varied, diverse, available in various colours and sizes.

All designs possible.

Bet on modernity and originality. Prove to others that pane of glass in the bathroom is not only a mirror but also printed glass panels. Prove to them that it really hit the jackpot and the possibility of owning a home, which many have not even dreamed of. Such a print on the wall in the bathroom, can be the best possible, cheapest, available and most original solution to which each owner of the apartment, pub, restaurant, or office, can afford.



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